A [Spring] Poem-a-Week (April 4th)

A friend of mine just recently moved to Tokyo. This morning she sent me a picture of herself in front of cherry blossoms. Apparently this week was the “big week” for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. People all over the city go out during the day or after work for little “Cherry Blossom Viewings”. They’re not so much “viewings” as “parties” though! Imagine tailgating, but outside under beautifully, blooming cherry blossoms.

Here’s 7-7 syllable “couplet” that links to the poem I posted for last week (again, trying to stick to the 7-7 pattern in my translation, too):

桜ちる中馬ながく連 Sakura chiru nakauma nagaku tsure Cherry blossoms in the spring wind.

A long trek with horses


I’m trying to rush out the door, but I guess I should explain this.
In the first “verse” of this poem, it mentions people on the way to the shintō shrine at Ise. So here, that idea or theme is continued by mentioning the “long trek with horses.”


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