There’s a local American guy who has been living in Akita for about 30 years or so. What he “does” is teach English, but what he “is” is an artist.

Every year he and a friend of his put on an exhibit. He first told me about it last December. I had really been looking forward to seeing his stuff and kept waiting and waiting to hear back from him about when it would be. This past April (?) they held it. He’s an amazing artist, incredibly talented. We got to talking and he told me he was into photography, too.

He encouraged me to set up a profile on 500px and put my photos out there on the web. Months later, I finally did:


I‘ll probably put about a dozen or so every few weeks. The ones I have up there now are all old shots I have saved in a little folder titled “Portfolio” on my hard drive.

Here’s Tim’s profile to check out too: