Summer Haiku 夏季の俳句

An older colleague had invited me to join his weekly tennis group. They play every Sunday, all year around. Of course in the winter they play indoors, but spring, summer, and fall are spent playing up in the Taiheizan mountain-area. I drive though a few little rice farming communities to get there. It’s really quite a scenic drive.

Paddies lush and green–

White crane standing elegant.

Late June breezes blow.

(Taiheizan–Akita, June/ 2013)

From pink to green in the blink of an eye,

And the breeze–from cold to hot.

(Taiheizan–Akita, June/ 2013)

Dangling on a leaf,

Little green catepillar–

Where sakura were.

(Tegata–Akita, June/ 2013)

Rain drops like diamonds on

broad green lilypads.

Dazzling sunlight.

(Akita City, June/ 2013)

Passing through verdant, mid-summer rice fields, a tall crane in the middle of the field catches my eye.

A slender white flame

amongst dark green stalks.

The sun grows hot in late June.

(Taiheizan–Akita, June/2014)


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