Shout-out to Pumpkin Daze

When I was back home over summer vacation, I was down in Virginia visiting my newly birthed nephew. As fate would have it, my good friend ImperviousRex from Modern Borefare had recently moved from Queens to only a few blocks away from my Virginia-dwelling sister and brother in law. I went to visit Impervious in his pristine, peaceful, family friendly apartment. The apartment was very well lit with plenty of windows to let in the light. There were baby toys all over the place. His lovely wife and adorable daughter were there to greet me when I arrived.

After a while, when we had finished catching up on the good ol’ days and filling each other in on current goings-on, Impervious’ demeanor suddenly changed. A mischievous grin stretched across his face. He stood up. “Come with me,” he said. “I have something to show you…” I thought I had seen the whole apartment: living room filled, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. What other rooms possibly could there be? “It’s down here,” he said. His normally deep voice was about to crack  with excitement. When I arrived at his apartment I had taken off my shoes, but now I quickly put them back on–by his wry grin I could not be sure of where he might be leading me.

We walked down a long narrow stairway to the first floor landing. To my surprise, behind an unmarked door, the stairway continued down into a dark, dusty underbelly of the house–well below the peaceful, inviting-suburban streets. As I inhaled my first breathes of mildewy, damp air I thought to myself, “Where is he taking me? Am I to become some poor Fortunato?” Leading me to the farthest end of the chalky basement awash with spiderwebs and musty cardboard boxes, I soon discovered the source of his glee:

A kick-ass beer collection! Impervious had been collecting dozens and dozens of bottles of brew! He had two collections going on: stouts for his Stout Fest (which he may be doing in November??) and pumpkin beers for his Halloween pumpkin beer countdown. With the same excitement I that I once had telling friends about the Red Ryder BB gun that I had wanted for Christmas, he was showing me these beers he had collected from about 10 different states, countless beer shops and breweries, and over the course of months. With a virtuoso spirit he introduced me to a number of bottles that he was particularly proud to have added to his collection. I could see that he had become not just a regular convive whom you would see hunched over cold swill served at a local tavern, but a true connoisseur.  The many labels illustrating far off, wonderful worlds and multidimensional states of mind mesmerized me.  He had some real gems in his stout collection, but his collection of 31 pumpkin beers to countdown Halloween was the best idea I had heard in a while.

I immediately felt the impulse to stop by every bottle shop between the Potomac and the Schuylkill and buy each and every bottle o’ pumpkin beer that I could find. Sadly, budget and luggage restraints squelched that idea.

Fast forward two months and here I am in Akita, reading with lustful jealousy Impervious’ Pumpkin Daze blog, with no hope of finding pumpkin beers of my own to drink. Then just the other day, while out shopping for groceries, what  is it that I should see at my local supermarket: not one but TWO! TWO pumpkin beers! Thank you Great Pumpkin! Just in time for me to count down the last two daze of Pumpkin Days 2015 in solidarity with ImperviousRex.

See next post for review of Suntory’s “Pumpkin Special”…


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