2015 Time Studies Symposium at Yamaguchi University (2015年目時間学国際シンポジウム)

Back in the spring I was invited to participate in a symposium this December on “time studies” at Yamaguchi University. Yamaguchi University is home to the Research Institute for Time Studies (RITS, 時間学研究所), who hosted the event. I presented at another one of their symposiums back in June. It was an interdisciplinary event–I spoke about “time” as found in Muromachi era literary-performance, but other presenters spoke on a range of topics from physics to philosophy to astronomy to history. The themes of each speaker’s papers varied, too.

However, this December’s symposium is dedicated to one theme: Sleep. My favorite topic! The symposium is Friday and Saturday, December 18th & 19th. Here’s the schedule as it stands:


講演○Brigitte Steger 准教授(ケンブリッジ大学中東アジア研究所)
○Elizabeth Kenney 准教授(関西外国語大学)
○Ben Grafström 助教(秋田大学)
○Emde Franz 教授(山口大学人文学部)

Time Studies International Seminar “Time Studies and Sleep” at Yamaguchi University 時間学国際セミナー「眠りの時間学」

Friday, 18 December 2015

14:00 Check-in セミナー打ち合わせ

14:30 Seminar Opening Greeting (Prof. Morishita; Yamaguchi University) 時間学国際セミナー「眠りの時間学」開始 所長挨拶 講師紹介(森下教授)

14:40~15:20 Brigitte Steger氏 (University of Cambridge)
“Early to bed, early to rise? – Timing sleep in premodern Japan”

15:20~15:50 Elizabeth Kenney氏 (Kansai Gaidai)
“Dreams and Time in the Diaries of Yoshida Kanemi and Bonshun”

15:50~16:00 Tea Break

16:00~16:30 Ben Grafström氏 (Akita University)
“A Study of the Peasant’s Sleep Habits as depicted in Muromachi Era Kōwakamai”

16:30~17:00 Emde Franz氏 (Yamaguchi University)
「夏目漱石文学における眠り ~ 夢・感覚・無意識」

17:00~17:30 森野正弘氏 (Yamaguchi University)

Saturday, 19 December 2015

13:00 Check-in 開場 シンポジウム受付開始: 倉増 ・学生スタッフ

13:30 Opening Remarks 開会 進行:右田学長挨拶  森下教授による講師紹介
Keynote Presentation: Brigitte Steger氏(90分)

15:00 Panel Discussion
Panel Coordinator: 右田先生
Brigitte Steger氏
Elizabeth Kenney氏
Ben Grafström氏
Emde Franz(山口大学人文学部)

16:00 Closing Remarks シンポジウム閉会



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