2017 Ise and Japan Study Program

There are “many Shintos, and many histories.”
–John Breen and Mark Teeuwen New History of Shinto

From 19 February-11 March 2017 I participated in the Ise and Japan Study Program 伊勢」と日本スタディプログラム hosted by Kōgakkan University 皇学館大学 in Ise, Japan. As the website states, the goal of the program is to deepen participants’ understanding of “Ise” and it’s contributions to the country through a series of lectures and field study in the area. Participants are then required to share their experiences and what they’ve learned through various social media outlets, thus spreading what they’ve learned within their social network communities. The purpose of this is to increase familiarity with Ise to audiences abroad.


I was very honored and happy to have been chosen for this program! Most programs like this are inconveniently scheduled for when universities in North America are on break, which does not line up with Akita University‘s breaks (where I’m currently a part of the faculty). The “Ise” and Japan Study Program is one of the few programs offered in Japan that is conveniently scheduled during my break. Thus I’m thankful to Kōgakkan University for having been chosen.

The posts on this page will be my contribution to the program’s endeavor. They can be found on my Tōhoku Bentō blog listed under the category “2017 Ise and Japan Study Program,” which can be found on the right side of the homepage by scrolling down.

Select pictures can also be viewed on my Instagram account.