Spring Haiku 春季の俳句

The past couple years I’ve been teaching a spring-semester class on the medical campus. I avoid walking down the main street with all the store fronts, and take a back road. The back road is really narrow and is lined with homes. A lot of these homes have really nice gardens, so walking by them early in the morning is a nice way to start off the day.

Now, a layer of pink petals on

sidewalks, once buried in white snow.

(Tegata–Akita, Spring/2014)

Many of these haiku I have had saved on my phone, computer, or on paper for a long time and am only now re-reading them, organizing them, and  ‘putting them out there’. I may not remember the exact dates I wrote them or where I was at the time.


Drinking fine sake

Under the sakura tree–

Still wearing our suits.

(Senshū Park–April, 2014)

Fallen pink petals

floating in a garden pond.

The end of April.

(Tegata–Akita, April, 2014)

An open sewer–

White cherry blossom petals

float by one by one.

(Tegata–Akita, April, 2014)