Flier: 2015 Time Studies International Symposium “The Study of Time and Sleep” 時間学国際シンポジウム2015「眠りの時間学」



Here’s the poster for this year’s Time Studies International Symposium to be held at Yamaguchi University this December. It looks good! Whomever it was did a nice job.

The theme, “The Study of Time and Sleep” (nemuri no jikan gaku 眠りの時間学) might sound a bit strange. What we’ll be discussing is sleep in connection to Japanese culture and society. It sounds like the presenters will be drawing on literary and historical texts, and I think one will even be drawing on historical medical texts in which sleep is referred to.

I think that in present day Japan there are mixed views on “sleep.” My experiences seem to show me that few students from middle school and on get enough sleep. Sleeping too long, even 8 hours, is viewed as being lazy. This includes workers, too. Also, students and workers showing signs that they are tired often causes them to be viewed as “not being up to the task” or “not fit enough.” Sleeping is like a sign of defeat rather than something that is essential to improving one’s performance.

I’ll be presenting in Japanese. It’ll be 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for Q&A. Normally I really enjoy public speaking, but for this I’ll be presenting in JAPANESE! ugh!

At Middlebury the teachers always encouraged us to write directly in Japanese, rather than write in English (or whatever the student’s mother tongue was) then translate into Japanese. I always try to do that, but this time I just can’t. So, I’ll be writing it out in English (about 2,000 words) then translating it into Japanese. I’m not sure what my characters-per-minute reading rate will be, but I’m estimating about 4,000 characters or so??

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2015 Time Studies Symposium at Yamaguchi University (2015年目時間学国際シンポジウム)

Back in the spring I was invited to participate in a symposium this December on “time studies” at Yamaguchi University. Yamaguchi University is home to the Research Institute for Time Studies (RITS, 時間学研究所), who hosted the event. I presented at another one of their symposiums back in June. It was an interdisciplinary event–I spoke about “time” as found in Muromachi era literary-performance, but other presenters spoke on a range of topics from physics to philosophy to astronomy to history. The themes of each speaker’s papers varied, too.

However, this December’s symposium is dedicated to one theme: Sleep. My favorite topic! The symposium is Friday and Saturday, December 18th & 19th. Here’s the schedule as it stands:


講演○Brigitte Steger 准教授(ケンブリッジ大学中東アジア研究所)
○Elizabeth Kenney 准教授(関西外国語大学)
○Ben Grafström 助教(秋田大学)
○Emde Franz 教授(山口大学人文学部)

Time Studies International Seminar “Time Studies and Sleep” at Yamaguchi University 時間学国際セミナー「眠りの時間学」

Friday, 18 December 2015

14:00 Check-in セミナー打ち合わせ

14:30 Seminar Opening Greeting (Prof. Morishita; Yamaguchi University) 時間学国際セミナー「眠りの時間学」開始 所長挨拶 講師紹介(森下教授)

14:40~15:20 Brigitte Steger氏 (University of Cambridge)
“Early to bed, early to rise? – Timing sleep in premodern Japan”

15:20~15:50 Elizabeth Kenney氏 (Kansai Gaidai)
“Dreams and Time in the Diaries of Yoshida Kanemi and Bonshun”

15:50~16:00 Tea Break

16:00~16:30 Ben Grafström氏 (Akita University)
“A Study of the Peasant’s Sleep Habits as depicted in Muromachi Era Kōwakamai”

16:30~17:00 Emde Franz氏 (Yamaguchi University)
「夏目漱石文学における眠り ~ 夢・感覚・無意識」

17:00~17:30 森野正弘氏 (Yamaguchi University)

Saturday, 19 December 2015

13:00 Check-in 開場 シンポジウム受付開始: 倉増 ・学生スタッフ

13:30 Opening Remarks 開会 進行:右田学長挨拶  森下教授による講師紹介
Keynote Presentation: Brigitte Steger氏(90分)

15:00 Panel Discussion
Panel Coordinator: 右田先生
Brigitte Steger氏
Elizabeth Kenney氏
Ben Grafström氏
Emde Franz(山口大学人文学部)

16:00 Closing Remarks シンポジウム閉会